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Items marked new are as of 02/20/2002

This is ancient stuff, literally handcrafted from my Firefox Bookmarks.html file. It has not been updated in years, possibly not even this century. (Not, now that I'm looking at the correct file!) There are probably lots of links that are broken. I really am not worried about that anymore, as I have moved my bookmarking to Delicious anyway.

You can find my account here. Enjoy!

I'm leaving the rest up for historical reasons, as this whole subdirectory is nothing buy my webspace from my original ISP.

Becky's Folder

Buy Apparel Online at 24HOUR-MALL.COM
Welcome to StarWarsChicks
Jessica London

Computer stuff

This is the folder with most of my computer related stuff shoved in.

Windows 95/98 Technical stuff

I think the name speaks for itself.

All The Tips - Network Engineers Online
Welcome to The PC Guide!
Microsoft Personal Support Center from Product Support Services
Computer Reference
98lite: Windows98 *without* IE
ActiveWindows - Activating The Ultimate Windows Resources
The ultimate Win 98 install tip
CNET features - how to - even more Windows 95 hacks
Windows95 Annoyances
Windows 98 Annoyances
The Easter Egg Archive - The Most Software Easter Eggs Anywhere
Internet Explorer 4.0 Information Center
Libraries for Windows 95
The Partition Magician
Description of FAT32 File System
Mirror of Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles
Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles: OSR2 and FAT32
RegEdit : Windows Registry Guide
Undocumented Secrets for Windows 95/NT
Windows Scripting Host
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ
Win98 Insider 12-16-99 - by Scot Finnie
Windows 98 Central
Story: Get Jon's Insider Tips and Speed-Up Tricks for Windows
Windows Superguide

Conferencing stuff

AOL Quick Buddy
When Win98's power management doesn't agree with your PC (InfoWorld)
Meeting by Wire - Your NetMeeting Information Source
Official Microsoft NetMeeting® Tips and Tricks
Welcome to the NM Super Enhancer Page!


Ace's Hardware
The Factoid Project
ZIP disk password recovery
C3D Data Storage Technology
JC's PC News'n'Links * Fast Updates on the Microprocessor Industry
56k= v.Unreliable
DDJ Microprocessor Center -- May '99
MS-DOS Compatibility Mode Problems with PCI-IDE Controllers
SCSI FAQ - Part 1>
Enlight Corporation -- Live!Drive I/II Showcase

Computer References

The Programmer's File Format Collection

CD Burning

Black CDR Media
Colored CDR Media
ZDNet: Story: Maximize your CD-RW! How to get the most burn for your
ZDNet: Story: Satisfy your yearn to burn (CDs, that is) with these apps
..:: CD Freaks ::.. [ The Power of United Burners ] - [ SafeAudio explained and

Computer Career - your technology career control center
Employees, Labor Board test workplace policies on e-mail


newNetworking, Internet and general

Microsoft TechNet | Editorials | redpaw | Welcome to the Internet
How To Write a Good Newgroup Message

newNetware stuff

NOVELL: Free Tools (Cool Solutions)
Novell Technical Support Forum Volunteer SysOp Sites
File Library at Channel 1: LAN/Novell New
Novell Fans - Homepage
Netware Hack FAQ v6
dave's novell shareware, the Internet resource for the NetWare professional
Marcus's Home Page
Good stuff about Novell Netware here.

newWindows NT/2000/XP

tecChannel : Inside Windows Product Activation
tecChannel : Inside Windows Product Activation
Gladiators Homepage. Aston - new Desktop manager & Shell replacement
Windows XP - for Windows XP Guides Tweaks Downloads


GAMECENTER.COM - Hardware - GeForce DDR
Interplay - Star Trek New Worlds - Your Freakin' Tweakin' Source!
Latest News
Console Gaming World - PS2 Utilities Index
Babylon 5: Armada II -Homepage-
STAMODS! Your Armada Mod Source on the Net!


EasyNews -- Newsgroups that contain binaries
Premium Usenet Service Providers

TweakTown :: Computer, motherboard, graphics, memory, processor,
ZDNet: -- PC Magazine PC Labs - Computer Networking News and Information Source for the
ATOMIK : another alphaWorks technology
Welcome to the Sniper Home page - The solution to your computer
Doomsday Algorithm for Day of Week
NedStat Basic Website | Welcome!
Welcome to Paul Thurrott's WinInfo!
Newsfeed Size
FEED | Essay: The Academy and the Ecstasy
A Visual FoxPro Software and Tech Support Resource
PC Magazine: Top 100 Web Sites
Newest Shareware at
The first place I look for new shareware/freeware.
FIGLET Service
The PC AV Tech
Good stuff on sound cards, video cards, media, backed up by facts.
The Bovine RC5 Cracking Effort Headquarters!
Another good Windows 95 resource I've found.
PCWin Resource Center Home Page
MicroVision Development Home Page

Ruler line

U.S. hangs new clock on the Internet
Alta Vista: Main Page
The first search engine I hit.
100hot Websites
The 100 Hot sites as tallied by somebody.
The Ultimate Compendium of Adobe Photoshop Sites
I'm into Photoshop. What can I say?
Netcraft - Web Server Survey
Find out what software a particular web site is using with this page. - The Windows 9X Internet Headquarters

Ruler line

Kali - Surgeon General's Warning!
Program to help gaming over the Internet!
GhostScript Viewer. GhostScript is a GNU copyleft version of PostScript. This is only an interface to the real program, but both can be found on this page.
Take the 1.44M Web Challenge!
An operating system AND a web browser on one diskette
The HUGE List
Dummies Daily: Sign Up
Lucent Technologies' Inferno
eGenie by Open Sesame | Your Entertainment Genie!
Reference.COM Search
NetNames: International Domain Name Registry
Welcome to Publications
Q193938 - Only Entire Network Icon Appears in Network Neighborhood

Corporate web pages

Yep, it's the corporate pages that I get tired of typing in constantly.

Welcome to 3Com
3ivX - Powering Creativity
Adaptec Info Island
After Dark
Welcome to Anixter
Caldera, Inc.
Cheyenne Software, Incorporated
Welcome to Compaq Access
Welcome to Corel Corporation
Welcome to the Creative Zone!
Digital Equipment Corporation
General DataComm, Inc.
Welcome to Hewlett-Packard
Welcome to Printsville
IBM AS/400 Advanced Series
IBM Netfinity Underground
IBM Printing Systems Company
Lexmark International, Inc. -- Home Page
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Office Home
Mortice Kern Systems (MKS) Inc. - Welcome to
Nortel Networks: Home
Novell World Wide: Corporate Home Page
Novell Support Connection
Starfish Software
Symbios, Inc.
SyQuest Technology Incorporated

Periodical sites

Magazines (print and/or online) that I subscribe to.

Welcome to BrowserWatch
Information Week Online Home Page
InfoWorld Electric Page One
A good source for computer news.
Opinions (InfoWorld)
PC Magazine Online
Welcome to PC Week
Another good source for computer news.
PC World Online
TechWeb - The Technology Super Site
Welcome to TipWorld

Privacy Issues and Politics

Some links about privacy and how to try and maintain it.

ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
Americans for Computer Privacy
Anonymity and privacy on the Internet
Anonymous Email and Anonymous Remailers
Banning privacy: A radical proposal
Banning never stopped anything
CDT Privacy Demonstration Page
CPSR's Home Page
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Electronic Privacy Information Center
The Lucent Personalized Web Assistant: Proxy Home Page
No 'Right' to Crypto Export ? - Technology News from Wired News

System Information Applet

newJava The IT Industry Portal -- JavaScripts
JOS - A Free Java based Operating System
Bookmarklets for Power Users
Jesse's Bookmarklets Page
Bookmarklets -
Bookmarklets Home Page - free tools for power surfing
Bookmarklets for Power Users
The Java Lobby

newMS .net stuff

Visual Studio.NET Academic Launch Events
The Code Project - The C# Programming Language - Free Source code || online c# resource
xix devlog - semi-updated adventures of a programmer, hypergeek, lover
.net101: Home of .NET Knowledge Base. ASP.NET, ADO.NET, C#,


Unbelievably as it may seem, I now support OS/2 computers, so I now have an OS/2 bookmark folder.

FilePile - OS/2 File Area
IBM EWS Dir /pub/pccbbs/os2_ews
The Jim Lewis OS/2 Web Page
LEO - /pub/comp/os/os2
Linfield's Links - Toronto OS/2 User's Group
Mensys Download Site
OS/2 Device Driver Pak On-Line - HOME PAGE
OS/2 'Must-Have' Utilities
The OS/2 Supersite
OS/2 Warp FAQ List (20 Feb 95) Section 0000 OS/2
Supersite Select
Welcome to
Welcome to the IBM Software Choice
Welcome to TUCOWS/2

Open Source

Linux Mafia


Chankstore Freefont Archives
Dave Emmett's Softy Support Page
Filmotype Corporation Fonts - Home Page
-Fonts- True Type Resource -Fonts-
FontFace - Enough Fonts to Choke a Camel
Font Flood : Your online source for free truetype fonts!
The Fontpool
fontastic! - free + shareware fonts
- K i l l e r F o n t s -
MARVOSYM.TTF - Martin Vogel's symbol font
RedSun Home Page
Scriptorium Home Page
Sue Fisher: The Font Thing
True Type Fonts For Free: Antons Font World
TrueType and Type 1 fonts
Yahoo! - Arts:Design Arts:Graphic Design:Typography:Typefaces - TTF Archive & more!

Good Gets

More good sites to scarf files from.

Abtons Shed - Home of TweakAll
AOL Keyword:
Yeah, AOL. But, I've found some jewels among the crud. - The 32bit OS Center!
A1 Shareware Evaluations
Adrenaline Rush 3D - Shock Every Dimension
Allen's Windows 95 Applications List, Shareware, Freeware, and Commercial Demos for Windows 95.
Angelfire Communications
Bugnosis Web Bug Detector
Cabman 99 - Welcome to Microlog GmbH
CAD software for Win9X from
Cinema Desktop Themes: Screensavers, Wallpapers, Skins, and Themes
CMD Tools for 32-bit Windows
A Cygwin Collection
Daily Themes
Directory of /pub/cygwin/latest
Dave Central Software Archive
Desktop Themes Unleashed - updated daily ... best viewed in 800x600 Hi Color
Another good source for downloading.
Download.Net - Download Games, Internet Utilities, Winsock Apps., and Desktop Apps.
Duncan Murdoch's Programs
EARchives -- Highest Quality WAVs on the Web
Edeltraut's Free Graphics
Encryption Software - custom icons for your website
File Mine -- Dig Our Downloads of Shareware, Games and Commercial Demos
FilePile - Over 1,000,000 FREE Files! Free Font Archives
Frank Condron's World O'Windows - Company Information - Recent Updates
Interesting link. Check this link every 7 days and you'll never miss a new driver for Windows. For anything it seems.
Frank Westlake- Freeware
Free Download - Windows Power Tools - Home Page
Free Downloads Center - free software downloads, free game downloads and
Freeware -> freeware & Shareware rated and review
Freeware Shareware World Center - Nonags Main Page
FreewareNow.Com - The Web's Hottest Source Of Freeware Games, Apps, Utiltities, Drivers, And More!
GNU-Win32 Related Projects
Goodies Channel Page
Hollywood Online - Multimedia
Info-ZIP's UnZip
Jans Freeware Collection - text editors
John Neil & Associates Home Page
Jumbo Shareware -- Entertainment: Thousands of Free Programs: Win Prizes!
JSI, INC. - Your Windows NT ® / Windows 2000 ® Resource.
JSI Tip 1615. Freeware utility sets the default printer from the command line or
Keep your Essential Software Up to Date
Find out if you have the latest stuff from this page.
Lanacom Headliner
Lockergnome's Free Windows 95/98/NT E-mail Newsletter
Mark Hessling's Home Page
MediaBuilder Software Library
Microsoft Agent Characters
Microsoft Resource Kit and other goodies on Windows 98 CD-ROM (InfoWorld)
mIRC : Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC
My Little Web Page
An Open Source PGP for OS/2 and DOS.
TEAM NEXGEN: Nexgen Script Beta builds
The Movie Sounds Page
Native Win32 ports of some GNU utilities
Net Ex Unofficial Windows 95 Software Archive!
NT Internals
Online Status Indicator
Paint Shop Pro
Pass The Shareware - Shareware And Freeware Sites And Downloads Perl 6 : Not Just For Damians [Oct. 23, 2001]
the pixel company
PuTTY Download Page
Ralf Brown's Files
Resource Hacker
Robert Simpson's Home Page
Get NetLaunch for Windows 95 here. This is a ***** program! This thing will automatically connect you, with automatic start of programs before, at, and after connecting and disconnecting. And more! Finally a DUN enhancer that I am very happy with. Best of all, IT'S FREE!
ScramDisk - Free Disk Encryption Software
Second Nature Software Home Page
Download Sendmail for NT 3.0 Trial
Looking for a file? Chances are that this site will be able to find it for you. It has for me.
shareware,freeware WebAttack-Internet Tool Provider-world's largest virtual archive for web related shareware and freeware ONLY!
SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie4
SlaughterHouse - New Software
SOFTSEEK.COM - Welcome to the source for shareware, freeware and evaluation software.
SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL Information
Stroud's CWSApps List - Front Page
Sysinternals Freeware - Utilities for Windows NT and Windows 2000
What's New at Stroud's CWSApps List. Free software on the net -- freeware, shareware, and more
Themes Central
Third Voice Inc.
Tucows Latest Windows 95
The Ultimate Collection of WinSock utilities. Very good. - Software And Driver Updates
V2 The Ultimate Icon Collection
Windows 95 - Theme Collection
Windows 95 Themes Archives
WindowsCentral - Home
Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Support Tools
Windows NT Resource Kit
Xteq Systems X-Setup
XXCOPY, a Versatile File Management Utility --- Boldly Extended Xcopy
ZDNet: -- PC Magazine PC Labs
ZDNet Software Library - Free Exclusives
ZDNet Software Library - Free File of the Day

Ruler line

Other stuff

Other stuff that is computer related that doesn't fit the above folders or that I've been to lazy to move into the correct folder.

AtheOS - FAQ
Standard program
BugNet Home Page
O'Reilly Software News
Cygnus Support Information
KeithNet's Windows
The Code of the Geeks v3.12
Directory of /pub/gnu-win32/latest/x86
Oracle boss urges national ID cards, offers free software (9/22/2001)
RFC 1597

SF Weekly | Savage Love
An advice column that I miss reading in the Columbus weeklies. Now I can read it online!
GIST TV Listings Guide
The Columbus, OH. Weather
The Terre Haute, IN. Weather

Directories, e-mail and web schedulers

Various directories to look up people's virtual and real addresses. Also some free e-mail services . If you find anymore, let me know at one of the addresses below. TIA!

Calendarz - Free Web Calendar, Appointment Book, Datebook
Welcome to Schedule Online
Freemail Vulnerabilities
InfoSpace - The Ultimate Directory
Yet Another Directory Site
Switchboard Home Page
Yet Another Directory Site
BigYellow - The Biggest Online Yellow Pages Directory!
Yet Another Directory Site
Four11 Directory Services
Yet Another Directory Site
Internet Address Finder
AnyWho: Find Telephone Number, Email, Home Page URL, FAX, Toll Free Number, and Address
Another directory, this one has reverse phone number lookups.
WorldPages: Find the World Here!
One more directory that I've found.
Welcome to WhoWhere?!
A 1 The Best Search Engine Page on the Net!
A page full of links to search engines.
LocalEyes: Community Yellow Pages Guide with Local Web Links
Free POP3 Accounts Giving on the Net
Free POP Mail Services: Services A-D
EMUmail: Login to EMUmail
Use this to read your pop account from any web based computer!
HotBot Mail and Homepages
HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email - A free advertiser supported e-mail site. I check this one weekly.
iName Personalized Email Services - A free e-mail forwarding service
MailCity - Another free web-based e-mail site
Friendly Email is Free! - yet another web-based free e-mail site. Also allows you to forward mail if you have an account elsewhere
Free vanity email service. Hundreds of unique names. - Another e-mail forwarding system
Welcome to Bigfoot - Another free e-mail forwarding system with extra "goodies" such as a reminder system, anti-SPAM filters, and forwarding to multiple mail addresses.
Joymail: Free Web-Based Email.
RocketMail - your free web-based e-mail - A free advertiser supported e-mail site. Checked weekly.
ZDNet Mail - A free advertiser supported e-mail site. Checked weekly.
Welcome to Starting-Point Mail! - A free advertiser supported e-mail site. Checked weekly.
PersonalConnections - A free advertiser supported e-mail site. Checked weekly.
Welcome to CMPnetmail Email
Welcome to Eudora Web-Mail!
ByteMe - eMail for the Masses
Planetary Motion - Home Of CoolMail - Welcome
Planet Direct - Your Personal Web Service


Some friends of mine. Some things are inside jokes, some things are real. (Alphabetically) - Reviews of caffeine68 - Reviews of caffeine68

Fun stuff

For the humor, intentional or not, and other neat stuff

Haggai David - Humor Page
Haggai David - Humor

Ebert's pick of top sites for 1997



Computer games that I play

Total Annihilation stuff

Cavedog Entertainment - Total Annihilation
Another game I seem to have been addicted to.
Image of Total Annihilation
Phoenix Grounds
The Nexus
TA 3rd Party Unit Centre - Eyecandy
Welcome to!
Yet Another Total Annihilation Site - = - (Y.A.T.A.S.) - =
SWTC Home Page
TA Universe
Total Annihilation Unit Creation Center
Welcome To TAMMO
Welcome To Annihilation Big Bertha
Total Annihilation Forever

Only Games - Mahjongg
War Planets Download Page
The Adrenaline Vault
Red Alert
A page on Command and Conqueor:Red Alert. It's a game that I'm close to be addicted to.
The NetHack Home Page
This is a computer game that I like to play now and then.
Age of Empires Cheats article by Al Giovetti

Sourth Park stuff | the Comic Sites Newspage
In pursuit of Cartman

500 Point Purity Test
True Male Multiorgasmic Response
Americans For Purity
IFILM The Place for Internet Film
LILEKS (James) Gallery of Regrettable Food 2.0
0xdeadbeef archives
Information Unlimited - Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits
Computer Humor - True Helpdesk and Technical Support Stories
CD-ROM's in the Microwave
Morbid Reality - repulsive, tasteless, bizarre
Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide Homepage
cr0bar's parody of the matrix, brought to you by efnet #nerds
The Devil's Dictionary - by Ambrose Bierce
Swan Pumpkin Farm- Carve your own
99.9 FM K I S W Online
This is where you can order Bob Rivers' Twisted Christmas CDs.
Ain't It Cool News
The Allen Report
See who else is linking to my pages via Alta Vista.
Batman Forever
The Butt Page
Bizzare stuff from the medical community on things that have been found shoved up peoples' asses.
c|net features - now on the Net - TV guide: the Web goes prime-time
c|net online - front door
The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
The Code of the Geeks v3.12
Culture News from Wired News
The Death Clock
Cyber gossip columnist. Now a cyber-celeb himself. Most people think he put the sleaze in cybersleaze.
El Jefe's Sick Joke of the Day
Enigma Page
Eon Magazine
The Exploding Head Page
I said this was the fun stuff
The Food Network's CyberKitchen
Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine Home of the Naked Dancing Llama
Goddard Space Flight Center - News Flash
Gothic Martha Stewart : About
Groove Radio
Techno radio via the Internet. This is OK since I don't have a techno station here in Columbus.
Hank's Home on the Net
Hermeneutics of Genre: Capitalism, objectivism and subconceptualist feminism
Hollywood Online - Starship Troopers
HotWired - New Thinking for a New Medium
Intelligent Images
Josta Forever!!!
The Internet Index Home Page
LAW STREET.COM - Celebrity Court
Lobster Cam
The Making Of Hollywood's Hit Movies
MOVIES - Dr. Daniel's Movie Emergency - Treatment for the Addicted Movie Fanatic
Murder-Kidnapping Questions
NEA Home Page
Truly sick! They don't want to fund the NEA because of the "pornography" that is spewed, but they put it up on their web site to view! Go here to see what they don't want you to see!
Nerve Magazine
Paramount Pictures
The Official PC Weenies™ Website
People Eating Tasty Animals
The Pig Dance
Project Galileo (JPL)
Richard Hatch Enterprises home page
The Rumor Mill
The Smoking Gun
Scott Adams: The Untold Story
Sony Online
Star Chefs : Recipes of Celebrity Chefs and Cookbook Authors
Steps In Overcoming Masturbation
Suck: Daily
No, this is not sexual
Techno Online
Tests, Tests, Tests . . .
The Top 5 List
Tortured Norns
TREKKIES: Star Trek Fan Documentary
The Village Voice: Columns
Urban Legends Reference Pages
USNO Master Clock Time
Warp Drive When?
Welcome to
Welcome to Infocentre Chornobyl
Welcome to TerraServer
Worldwide Norn Association Homepage
Yahoo! News Human Interest Oddly Enough
[ -- Your Complete Guide to some of the Dirtiest
The American Experience | Race for the Superbomb | Panic Quiz


Search Central
Alta Vista: Main Page
Ask Jeeves
Deja News - The Premier Usenet Newsgroup Search Utility
Internet Movie Database
LookSmart - exploring World
WorldPages: Find the World Here!
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
resources - info source - Internet resource - search center - searches of the week
WWPR Profile Search
Defacto 2: search engine, scene portal, international news, translator and hosted pages for the underground scene. || News for grown-ups.


Mundane news and events that I may or may not be interested in - Computer Networking News and Information Source for the
Network World Fusion
BetaNews.Com - Inside Information On Products Not Yet Released
ZDNN: Are free ISPs taking off?
ZDNN: Talkback
Custom News for Bryan Price
Welcome to NEWS.COM
Probably the best source for computer news. - computer and internet news by and for geeks
Beta Bites - Your best resource for all the Latest Betas on the Internet!
Rants & Raves
m u r c    n e w s       
ZDNet: News: Web hosting: It oughta be e-legal
Byrd Polar Research Home Page
The Columbus, OH. Weather
Columbus radar picture
CNET - EDS finds challenge in Connecticut
East Coast Radar (Covering Ohio)
HotWired Guide
The JET Report
AJR NewsLink
providers: your
Radar picture from O'hare
Service still provides sensitive information
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
ZDNet: Story: Home Networking Unplugged
ZDNet: 81 Secrets for Smarter Computing -- PC Magazine Solutions
BW Online | September 27, 2001 | AT&T and BellSouth Talk Merger - Jim Romenesko's Media News
Politech: Declan McCullagh's technology and politics list
Identifying terrorists before they strike
Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
NewsFactor Network - Tech News

Space - Artemis

Applied Space Resources, Inc.
The Archimedes Institute - space law and policy research
The Artemis Project
The Artemis Queen: Artemis Class Spaceliner
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Basics of Space Flight
BBC News | Sci/Tech | Screening for life in the machine
Scientific American: Ask the Experts
Deja News
By Gemini to the Moon!
Encyclopedia Astronautica
SF > reviews > Iain M. Banks
Pierson's Puppeteer Technology
HNN - H a c k e r N e w s N e t w o r k
Hubble Heritage Project Subject Index
Lunar Prospector Moon - images, Sept. 98 (Ames PAO News & Photo Archives)
Dan's Astronomy Software Collection
The Drake equation
General Astronautics
Project Galileo (JPL)
Dark Energy in the Accelerating Universe
Mathilde Encounter
The University of California Planet Search Project
Mars Introduction
The actual positions of the planets, orbits of planets and asteroids, visibility of
b3ta presents: Davros & Steven Hawking in Electric Dreams
The University of California Planet Search Project
NASA Image eXchange (NIX)
NIH: News: Stem Cell: Stem Cells; Scientific Progress and Future Research
Newfound planets push the envelope
New Form of Matter or Energy Suspected in Neutrino Trial
North American Aerospace Defense Command
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
The November Leonids: Will They Roar?
Rocketry Online!
Satellite/Space Catalog
Space Access Society
Space Frontier Foundation
Space News Online - Welcome
SpringWalker Body Amplifier - Powered Exoskeleton - Legged Vehicle
SR-71 Blackbird Rocket Glider
Stephen Hawking's Universe
STScI/HST Pictures
What should we do with the moon?
The world builds a new star in space
X PRIZE Foundation


Stuff about Psychology, especially about MBTI and the INTP type.

Humor - Relationships
Apocalyptic Dreaming: Visions of the apocalypse, dreams of the end of the world
Brain Works
Implicit Association Test
Keirsey Temperament Sorter II
Keirsey Temp Sorter- Personality Test
Kingdomality - The Discoverer
Enneagram Personality Dynamics
Index for Miller's Extended Myers Briggs Psychological Type Theory
The Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (Version 2.0)
Knut Are Romann-Aas' pictures
#intp FAQ
Mind Control Forum Home Page
Shane Hudson's Electronic Hideaway
Steve Myers' INTP profile
Joe Butt's INTP profile
The Personality Page INTP profile
Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow's INTP profile
Dr. David Keirsey's INTP profile
Insight System's INTP profile
INTP Relationships
Socionics' INTP profile
Yet another INTP profile
Team Technology Website
Find Your Star Wars Twin - take the test!
State of Mind
Tests, Tests, Tests . . .
Personality Test
World Events
INTP Profile
New Hope for People with ADD

Science Fiction

Science Fiction stuff

Spaceflight Now

Babylon 5

Agamemnon's Babylon 5 Sound Site
Babylon 5 - Crusade
Dave's Babylon 5 Gallery Tour
More Babylon 5 graphics
Down Below Sound Archive for Babylon 5
Epsilon Jumpgate 3.0
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
More wallpapers for Babylon 5
The Babylon 5 Spoiler Junkies Page
Turner Network Television

Star Trek

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek | Starfleet Library: Starship Creator CD-ROM
Official Transwarp Newsletters Archive
Optical Data Network - Top News
Starbase Prometheus - New Olympus Shipyards
The Borg Page
Y-Life: The Star Trek Universe Online

ActiveSci-Fi - Science Fiction, The Bizarre, Space and Astronomy News
Battlestar Galactica Movie Homepage
Blade Runner FAQ
Cap'n Jim's Link Page
Jim Varner's home page, a professional artist showing his work. Very cool. Good wallpapers here too.
Desktop Starships
Great wallpapers for Babylon 5, Star Trek and Star Wars, along with a smattering of Moonbase:1999 and others.
The Magrathea/SFTV Home Page
The Companion to Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
Diablo Labs Homepage
...--- T H E F O R C E ---...
Imperial Starfleet Command
Space: Above and Beyond
Dave's Chig Fighter Page
Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict
Latest TV show from the mind of Gene Roddenberry. After 4 episodes, I decided I like this one, although it certainly take time to get used to.
Earth: Final Conflict
Hollywood Online - Starship Troopers
Hollywood Online - Starship Troopers Premiere Party Coverage
SlipstreamWeb - 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' Fan Site
Site for a pilot that I guess isn't going anywhere as the site still works, but it's not about the show anymore
*STAR COMMAND--Graphic Images
Used to be pictures from Star Command
The Committee's VR5 Organic Computer WWW Home Page
Welcome to Dream Chasers
USS Pioneer NCC 76628


Sites for reference material

J - Mark Computer Corp.

ICQ and Instant Messaging stuff

ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
ICQ Inc. - Greetings Gallery
The ICQ Protocol Site AOLiza, buddyville, population: you!

MS Exchange stuff

Microsoft Exchange Server Internet FAQ; Complete FAQ on one page
MS Exchange Forum
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Release Candidate Download

Home Networking

ZDNet: SOHOware NetBlaster II Wireless Networking Kit Overview
D-Link Systems, Inc. Cable / DSL Gateway Routers
Ad blocking hosts file
Peer-to-peer pressure
Antennas Enhance WLAN Security

MapBlast! - Contact Us: Contact the CEO
NT Commands []
Deja Power Search
OnHealth: The Next Step in Vision Correction
Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)
Directions Address Entry
Astronomy - What's UP This Month ?? - City info, data, stats
CNN - Smart foods - June 24, 1999
Welcome to - Your Definitive NANP Information Source!
Cyberspace Law Subject Index
Jargon File Resources
Chris's Qoute Page
Page o' Quotes
PFAW | Capitol Hill
Welcome to Merriam-Webster
Wired News
Another good place for news.
F A O Schwarz
Northpoint DSL
d i s i n f o r m a t i o n
Chemical - An Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Periodic Table of the Elements
Maurice the Moose presents Free News Servers
Hamrick Software - U.S. Surname Distribution
HotWired - New Thinking for a New Medium
Geographic Name Server/Xerox Map Gateway
The Unofficial Iomega Page... J U I P. C O M
System Configuration Utility Advanced Troubleshooting Settings
Federal Grand Jury information, definitions and explanations of what grand juries are and what they do.
Culture News from Wired News - Religion and the Digital Age
Culture News from Wired News - Recycling Bits
Business News from Wired News - Using Bots to Buy Books
It's Long Boom or Bust for Leading Futurist
Use cypherpunk as the user and password if you are prompted to login.
Microsoft TerraServer Full Resolution Image Page
Section 2933.52
State & Federal Wiretapping Privisions
NWS METAR/TAF Information Page
Scorecard Home
Cascading Style Sheets - speeding ticket site with traffic violation attorney listings
the SUBFLUX experiment
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors
WWW Homepage Access Counter
The Tide Family of Products
The Web Robots Pages
Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
Welcome to PubMed
ACLU in the Courts: Reno v. ACLU Decision
The Network for Entertainment Fans
Coming Attractions
Internet White Pages
Lycos Road Map
Aarto Reponen
Barry A Barr's Home Page
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
ColumbusPages / DIRECTORIES
Image archive
Investors Edge Stock Server
Martindale's 'The Reference Desk'
Windows 95 Dial-Up Networking White Paper
U.S. Information Agency
If you live in the United States, thie may be illegal for you to look at. Truthfully. The Government won't tell you about this page if you are from the United States. Why? That's a good question. Link was given to me via Wired News.
SSS Online - The Spectrum Page
Branching Out
United States Information Agency
The home page for us poor US residents.
Compute Sunrise, Sunset & Twilight For Cities & Airports Worldwide With Local TZ
WebRing: Navigation
Image Data Home Page
You Are Where You Live
Test your senses
Oracle boss urges national ID cards, offers free software (9/22/2001)
SearchDay - Refuge For About.gone Guides - 10 October 2001
RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
Legal Information, Books, Software and Forms - Nolo
Roger Ebert
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Cylindrical Segment -- from MathWorld
Math Forum: Ask Dr. Math: FAQ
Martindale's Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line Center
TerraServer Homepage
TopoZone - The Web's Topographic Map
Raising Adult Brine Shrimp
brine shrimp breeding
Welcome to The Amazing Live Sea-Monkeys

Columbus and Ohio

Where I live. Currently this is a dumping ground, but I will be organizing this eventually as well.
AMC Theatres
Cedar Point Home Page
Central Ohio Source
CitySearch: Columbus
Coaxial Communications Cable Co.
My cable co.
The Columbus Chill Official Home Page
Columbus Clipper's Homepage
Columbus, Ohio Home Page
Columbus Quest - Home
Columbus Supersite
ColumbusPages - Central Ohio's Online Resource
The Ohio Department of Commerce
Lakewood High School
This is the high school that I graduated.
Minor League Baseball: Columbus Clippers
NBC 4 WCMH-TV Columbus, Ohio
Q-FM-96, Columbus, Ohio, USA
Favorite radio station.
Robert Frevola's Ohio State Football Page
Star Base One - Online Science Fiction Emporium
The WB53 Home Page
WBNS 10TV Web Source
WBZX RADIO - 99.7FM / The BLITZ, Columbus, Ohio
2nd favorite radio station
Welcome to Columbus AlivewireD
WTTE FOX28 Columbus | Sinclair's Kids Club | Welcome!

newJacksonville and Florida

North Florida Council - Offical Home Page

The Future is a Mystery!

The Territory Ahead - Clothes for the Journey
Moller International
New Origami Trick: Turn Paper Into a Functional Phone
The DataHaven Project


Personal Digital Assistants. Stuff about the PC REX and the 3Com Palm stuff

The Gadgeteer - Home
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository

REX Personal Information Manager

Yeah, I've got one of these, so here's some links as I find them.

Die Rex-Seite
Franklin Electronic Publisher's Press Release
Getting technical information about the REX-card <-> PC interface
REX PC Companion
The REX Mailing List
ThinSkin REX Protector - REX
Peter PDAntic: Internet PDA Guru!
REX & TrueSync Technology
REX PC Companion Electronic Organizer Page (Franklin / Starfish / Citizen / PC Card / PCMCIA Card / Palmtop / Handheld )
Puma Technology, Inc.
The REX Mailing List
ZDTV: REX Marks the Spot

Palm Pilot

Stuff about the 3Com Palm thingys

20-20Consumer: PDAs
3Com | Palm Computing
Andy's Pilot Page - Channels
Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Main Page
Canada's Premier PUG
Welcome to CoolColors
CNET for the PC - Survival Guides
Palm Survival Guide
Jay's PalmPilot Web Sites
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
NetGuide: Palmpilot special
Palm pages
Palm Underground - For Palm Fans, by Palm Fans
Palm E-Texts
Welcome to! - Software for the Palm OS - Home Mirror Page
PalmPilot Archives
PalmPilot Entertainment Zone- Pilot Entertainment Ring Info/Signup
PalmPilot FAQ webring
Welcome to PalmPilotGear H.Q.!
palmpilot world
PalmPilotGear H.Q. Detailed Software Page!
Pilot E-Text WebRing
The PilotZone - Your source for PalmPilot software on the 'Net!
Product Guides : Handhelds : Palm
Quikwriting demo
Raptor's Web Site
Rosenbluth International - Partnerships
Stylus for Your Palm Connected Organizer!
South to the Future’s World Wide Wire Service /Crippling disorder linked to PalmPilot
I couldn't figure out if I wanted this under Fun stuff or the Palm Pilot......
TRG Product Catalog-FlashPro

Music - Articles - DVD Ripping Guide
Dimension Music

Demos - AV

Directory of /
Directory of / - browse the archive

Audiograbber, CD-ripper for windows 95/98/NT
gnutella: Welcome to gnutella
The International Lyrics Server - Find your favorite song lyrics! - The MP3 resource on the Internet
MP3 players
RealPlayer Plus Home Page
Tord's Homepage / Homepage for BladeEnc
The Unofficial Nickelback Homepage - lyrics
ZDNet: News: Banned Napster users strike back


Domestications: Product: 'Silk Solids Bedding'[5801]
National City offers complete financial services, loans, credit cards, online banking, job opportunities and more.
PM Tool - All Jewelry is Made from Solid Sterling Silver
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Ubid Online Auction | Computer Products
Welcome to ONSALE!

3D Stuff...

AGN3D - The 3D News of the Future Today!
Colas Nahaboo 3D PC hardware page
Welcome to Matrox MGA Optimization Tools
matrox users resource centre


The On-Line Books Page
Open Directory - Arts: Literature:


Everything about D(P)VRs - Digital (Personal) Video Recorders

Maxtor Corporation - Technical Notes
Tivo Service Center Upgrade Your Tivo to 203 Hours Parts Remote's Toll
Hacking the TiVo FAQ
Welcome to PVRHack
Hacking The TiVo FAQ Wizard 1.0.3
More TiVo Hacks
PPP/Ethernet Gateway for TiVo - The New Home of PowerPC Linux
TiVoNET Usage
ZDNet: Story: TiVo vs. UltimateTV, Part II: And the winner is...
Jack's TivoNet HOWTO
ZDNet: Printer Friendly - TiVomatic!
Here's how to undelete a recording - AVS TiVo Forum
Hinsdale How-to TiVo upgrade
[fmII] - Project details for TiVo Web Project
NewsTrolls - New Media - The TiVo Hack

Personal - Go ahead and hack this link!

Unclassified or temporary

The stuff below hasn't been moved into a classification folder yet or is just being used on a temporary basis. Use at your own risk! New stuff is at the bottom per Netscape

Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world! What are you worth?
Swiss Army CyberTool 34 Ruby 53919
Remote Controls (Original, CHEAP)
NT Commands
Robbie's Copycat Recipes
Klaus Meinhard´s Homepage - Useful DOS Links
Teoti File and Information Sharing Community
Amateur Woodworker: TV Cabinet
Rubberhose cryptographically deniable transparent disk encryption system
NOTES ON MS-DOS 6.22 + BATCH programming on Win9X
MikroTik: (PC Router Software)
Craig Hart's pages
Tracker Homepage
South Park Studios: The Show
Home of the Underdogs
Pc-Gamers.Com gaming news and resources
Author and burn VCD/SVCD/DVD
PalmWarez Group Page
The Riley Guide: Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet
List of the more common Trojan Ports
545 Studios Skins
Solar System Simulator / mIRC scripts, addons, and scripting resources
Mp3 Dimension - World Top Charts
Traceroute, Ping, Domain Name Server (DNS) Lookup, WHOIS, and DNS
Top 100 undiscovered Web Sites
Become An Ordained Minister in just 3 minutes. FREE
Boosty´s ASCIIArtist
Crack Search
LangaList Home Page Alcoholic Drinks - ***Multiple Vulnerabilities in SNMP***
Home of
JRB Software
UGO Music: An UnderGround Guide to Napster Alternatives
Tech InfoBase
Picture to HTML
Insanity Test
Atmospheric Composition
Pc-Gamers.Com gaming news and resources
Welcome to the home of SmartPAR
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Planet Quest Home Page
Microsoft Outlook Web Access - Logon presents: The Webmaster Quiz
TechTV | Twisted List: Top Five Most Questionable 'Star Trek' Sites in Cyberspace
Internet Anagram Server / I, Rearrangement Servant : anagrams, wordplay, solve,
Welcome to!
EiC Home Page
disc-chord - Index || Using the Myers-Briggs System for a Better Society
jax e-com - Jacksonville's E-Commerce User's Group
willaston's lounge
DMCA_discuss Info Page
Shields UP! -- Internet Connection Security Analysis
Teoti File and Information Sharing Community
Dewey's Nude Male Celebrity Archive
Thinker's Daily Ponderable, by Alan Harris
No More Popup Ads
Index of /mp3
Index of /mp3/The Beatles - /mp3/
Index of /mp3/songs
Index of /downloads5

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