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Translated from the Chig-latin:
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The Aliens from Space: Above and Beyond

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Hello fellow Red Stink Creatures!

This page is about the aliens from Space: Above and Beyond. The series currently shows on Sunday nights at 7:00PM EST on the Fox TV Network.

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The head of the Vesta colony performs a short ceremony, to the effect that it was too bad that humans seemed to be alone in the universe. Click here for a recording of that speech [429K Zipped] Sometimes you should watch what you ask for....

It happened late at night. A dog barks, waking its master to come outside just in time to see the aliens attack their colony. It's over in minutes. On Earth, they lose communications with Vesta, but assume it's some technical glitch.

Meanwhile, the Tellus colonization effort is just about ready to start on the way to a new planet. 10 people are pulled out at the last minute to be replaced by In Vitros, artifically created and gestated humans. They become the lucky ones, as the Tellus expedition is attacked just as they are starting landing procedures on the planet.

Thus starts the war between we humans and the aliens, nicknamed "Chigs" after the chiggers.

chig·ger (chig_uhr) n.

  1. Also called <harvest mite.> the six-legged, bloodsucking larva of a mite of the family Trombiculidae, parasitic on humans and other mammals.

This is a photo of a captured Chig Image of a captured Chig

Some things that we know about them.... (And people, if you have anything to add, let me know! Feedback! ) I'll probably be reorganizing this under various topics, such as tech, weapons, anthropology, whatever else comes to mind.

Things we know about
[Image] The Chigs wear an environmental suit. They seem to live in a sulfur oxide atmosphere. It has been speculated that they come from a low gravity world and need the suit support them.
[Image] Chigs don't like the smell of our blood. This has been brought in two episodes Choice or Chance and Who Monitors the Birds. According to the AIs, the Chigs call us Red Stink Creatures.
[Image] The Chigs and the AIs are supposed working together. To who's advantage is not quite clear yet. The AIs may be trying to take advantage of the Chigs, or the Chigs may be playing the AIs for what they're worth.
[Image] Chigs fear their dead. They also appear to fear our dead too. They rip our eyes and our hearts out if they find our dead bodies.
[Image] (2nd crack at this, comments please!) Chigs' ships seem to be a cross between ceramics/regular tech and bioengineering. The hull is a ceramic while the controls are organic. Flying the ship is accomplished by inserting one's arms into two orifices that are covered with a conductive slime and altering your bioelectric current to make the ship go. There is argument as to whether the ship is able to read our nerve endings, or something else. My current argument is that the bioelectricity is being generated by our nerves. Which means the Chigs are fairly close to us at least in nervous systems.
[Image] Chigs' ships are very fuel efficient.
[Image] The Chigs are very similar to us in many ways. They are approximately our size and are upright bipedal. They only have 3 fingers and an opposable thumb. They have two rather large eyes. Arms and legs are equivalent to ours. We have seen skeletons of their dead, but we have also seen them turn completely into a green goo.
[Image] We don't know what they look like outside of their suits. Exposure to our air turns them into a green gelatinous substance.
[Image] We have tried to use their weapons against them with no success. We cannot figure out the triggering mechanism. The same can be said of the Chigs in the observations of what they have done with our equipment.
[Image] I have it on good authority (Glen Morgan!) that the Chigs have been watching the Humans for some time now.
[Image] We have seen some ground combat capabilities of the Chigs, and now know that they have tanks (no, not in vitros!)
[Image] More as I see fit. As well as when I have time! :(

Here's a picture of one of their fighters.

Coming soon! More pictures and more insight!

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